H-IS programmes integrate the high quality standards of the IBO with stimuli, insights and workshops where the bench mark is digital technology.

The school’s programmes are designed to comprise a stimulating challenge for students and to be a source of motivation for effective learning. They are also designed to stimulate the characteristics summarised in the Learner Profile of the IBO. This is the type of student we envisage at H-IS.

  • Capable of transforming ideas into actions and to create their own future;
  • Capable of enriching their learning from the materials given, striving to achieve accuracy and precision which is the evidence of a natural passion to learn;
  • Driven by their passion to learn and with guidance from their teachers, are capable of achieving positive results;
  • Able to learn from their mistakes and experiences, applying the lessons learned from the past or present to new situations;
  • A persistent learner, even when their inclinations differ from the norm, making the most of their study time;
  • Able to communicate their thoughts clearly, in both written and oral forms through the mediums of English and Italian;
  • Capable of thinking in a flexible manner and with various perspectives, understanding that there are multiple points of view;
  • Able to leave the confines of the known to imagine and to create what their passions conceive;
  • Able to take risks in a responsible manner, understanding that real growth and human progress encounter challenges that can be analysed and used as steps towards future success;
  • Knows how to work in a group in relation to others by dedicating themselves to achieving a common goal. Understanding that the sharing of knowledge and their own competences within a group allows for greater personal growth and individual learning;
  • Appreciates the importance of lifelong learning as a process of continuous growth and development, needed for every situation throughout their lives.