H-CAMPUS is first of all an aesthetically beautiful and functional place, which like the whole of H-FARM focuses on the individual and his or her needs. A place designed to make its learning and study spaces comfortable and pleasant: the ideal place for nurturing a network of young minds prepared to become leaders in the society of the 21st century and to make a decisive contribution to its cultural growth. The campus interacts with its surroundings, is reflected in the River Sile and faces the Venice Lagoon.

Buildings in the 30 hectares H-CAMPUS compound have been designed and built with respect for traditional materials and architectural forms and to impact as little as possible on their surroundings, so as to promote energy conservation and sustainability. Quality architecture is centred on the elements of nature (solar radiation, convection, Km0 materials) to make each building “smart” and low in energy consumption.

H-CAMPUS is a place where, beyond studying, it is possible to play sports, spend free time, sleep and live for the entire duration of one’s learning experience.

In addition to classrooms, labs and specialistic classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, restaurants and snack bars, there is student housing for campus enrolees at all levels throughout the year or for those attending the courses, Masters Programme and camps organized around H-FARM.

H-CAMPUS will be up and running in 2018 with new road and transport links to Venice, Padova and Treviso: an innovative centre regarding transport in its favouring the use of public systems, car and bike sharing, park-and-ride and shuttle bus services.

H-CAMPUS is unique in Italy in being a model of modern international education, conceived and designed taking into account the digital transformation under way and the ways to promote a proper understanding and interpretation of it.