Art. 1
A) By signing this form, I commit to paying the one-off admission fee (for new students only) and the enrolment fee for each child. Payment for the admission and registration fees must be made within 5 (five) working days from the moment the form is handed to the school, per the art. 2.
I have been informed, I am aware of and I accept that the admission fee amount will not be refunded to me.
B) Should my child be enrolled at the H-International School starting from the Reception class (i.e. the third year of nursery school) onwards and should the school deem that my child is in need of language support I commit to paying the requested amount to meet the cost for such support.
Art. 2
A. In order to have priority over external children wanting to enrol for the school year 2017-18, parents/guardians of students enrolled at H-IS for the school year 2016-17, must fill in, sign and hand back to school this form by 25th January 2017. New students are requested to hand back their form by 6th February 2017. Any application for enrolment received after that date will be accepted according to the submission date up to the maximum number of students in each class. The enrolment fee will not be discounted and the total amount will be €1,800.00. If the student was pre-enrolled, terms and conditions indicated in the pre-enrolment form will be considered valid, even if different from the provisions above.
Registration at the H-International School guarantees the enrolee the services indicated in the School Prospectus, which is available here.

Art. 3
During the school year the school may organise some extracurricular activities, field trips and residential visits. For the students to participate in these activities parents/guardians must fill in a consent form. Should these be payment services, then the fees will need to be settled in advance. Otherwise the student will not be able to take part in the activity.

Art. 4
Parents can request individual meetings with the teachers by agreement with them.
These meetings cannot be protracted over the assigned time and cannot stop or delay the daily tasks of the staff and the normal school activities.
Should parents need a further in-depth discussion, they may request another meeting with the Head teacher/deputy Head.

Art. 5
A) The school will reserve the right to accept the child’s enrolment and will communicate any denial in writing to the parents within 30 (thirty) days from the date the form is received. After thirty days and if no letter has been sent by the school, the contract is accepted.
B) No enrolments will be accepted if:
I) the enrolment form has not been handed in duly filled in and signed;
II) the enrolment fee and -if due- the admission fee have not been paid;
III) payment of the fees regarding previous school years have not been provided and settlement is still pending;
IV) the school has other reservations.
C) Except for cases as of points II) and III) of the previous paragraph, for which no refund is due, should the school not accept the child’s enrolment, it will refund the enrolment fee and the admission fee -provided this has been paid- for the sole school year for which this has been paid and not for any following years.
D) If there was a pre-enrolment form and availability in the designated class according to the terms and conditions indicated in the pre-enrolment form was communicated but the school decided not to accept the child’s enrolment, the school will refund a doubled pre-enrolment fee paid by parents.

Art. 6
You may withdraw from this contract within 30 (thirty) days from the date you hand the form to the school. Withdrawal must be in writing and sent to school through registered post (raccomandata con avviso di ricevimento) before the end of the thirty days. Sending the withdrawal letter through registered post is a necessary condition as per art. 1352 of the Civil Code for the withdrawal to be considered valid. In this case, the school will refund the enrolment fee that was paid, but not the pre-enrolment fee paid by the parents, nor the one-off admission fee as per article 1A.

Art. 7
Should the pupil be removed from school for whatever reason before the beginning of courses, and after the term of 30 (thirty) days for withdrawal has expired -see art. 5 and 6-, the school shall require the payment for the enrolment fee as well as for a sanction of € 2,500.00, as per art. 1373, third paragraph of the Civil Code. It is herewith specified that payment of the above-mentioned amount is to be intended as a necessary condition for the withdrawal to be considered valid.

Art. 8
Should the pupil be removed from school for whatever reason during the school year, and should the withdrawal happen after the term of thirty days -as per article 5- has expired, the school shall require payment for the enrolment fee as well as payment for the whole attendance fee -thereby cancelling any discount applied to the fees in case of balance payment- as indemnity and refund for the expenditure incurred to guarantee and provide the pupil with the service object of this contract.
No documentation regarding the student (i.e. reports, etc.) will be forwarded to any other school or to the family until any existing debt with the school is paid off.

Art. 9
With regard to the enrolment, admission and/or attendance fee, please be informed that any late or missed payment will entitle the school to rescind this contract as stated on art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. It will still be compulsory for the enrolee to provide payment for the amounts stated at article 8. In this case, the school shall withdraw any enrolment and/or pre-enrolment for future school years and terminate the related contracts, as stated on art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. Any payments received towards pre-enrolment, enrolment and/or attendance fee for any following school year will be used to cover any current year’s overdue fee.

Art. 10
The same provisions stated on art. 9 are applied in case of missed payment of previous years’ school fees. In this case, payments received towards 2017-18 school fees will be used to cover any due amounts from previous years.

Art. 11
If payment of the enrolment and tuition fees is provided for by a company (as indicated in the payment solution section, in the first part of this enrolment form), all clauses included in this form are to be considered valid. The pupil’s parents signing this form remain responsible ‘in solido’ for paying the fees together with the company.

Art. 12
Payment by the due date is strictly required. Both parties agree that legal interests will be charged for late payment. Payment must be settled within 5 (five) days from the instalment due date, otherwise provisions as per art. 9 will be applied.
Parents who have not settled all due payments will not be admitted to the parent-teacher’s meetings.
Any change to the payment methods must be previously agreed and formalised in a written document, signed by both parents or by the child’s guardian. These are exceptional cases, completely at the school’s discretion. The school may require the parents/guardian to sign a bank guarantee.
Should the agreed fees be paid late or not be paid at all, the student will not be entitled to take part in any extracurricular activity, such as educational visits, school trips, after-school clubs, etc. Access to these activities can be permitted only upon settlement of any overdue fee.

Art. 13
Should the VAT percentage increase during the school year, the school reserves the right to modify the fees accordingly.

Art. 14
Should the school deem it is useful, it may activate –at no additional cost- an email address per student and an account for each student and family to access a reserved area. The account will enable access to information such as student absences, marks, homework, etc.
The account will only be accessible by using the secret code, which will be provided when the account is activated. The parents or the guardian agree to this service by signing this form and the secret code will only be given to the parents or guardian. The account is strictly personal and the log in details must not be disclosed to anyone else.

Art. 15
The H-International School S.r.l., being aware of the utmost importance of ICT when studying, enables its students to use the school’s internet connection free of charge. Connection will only be possible through a personal account accessible with a secret code, which is different for each student. The connection is subject to blocks and filters. Parents/guardians signing this form accept they will be provided with the secret code to access the internet, and commit to instruct their children as per the “Rules for responsible computer use” and the “Rules for responsible internet use” of this form. Thereby parents take full responsibility, and relieve the H-International School from any responsibility for the use of the internet their child will do.
As per current legislation, the H-International School will register any access to and browsing of the internet. The data will be stored as ordered by current legislation, particularly privacy law. The information will be made available, upon request, solely to the authorities, parents and the school –for supervision purposes-. By signing this form, parents/guardians accept that the school will implement the above-mentioned control. Any other detail is included in the rules for the use of ICT services, which will be given to parents/guardians together with the secret code.

Art. 16
Nullity of any single clause in the contract will not bring nullity of the whole contract.
As provided by art. 1341 and art. 1342 of the Italian Civil Code the following contractual previsions are herewith confirmed and approved. Both parties acknowledge that each clause has been read, discussed and approved separately.
Art. 3) Extracurricular activities;
Art. 6) Withdrawal from the enrolment: how this should be done, timing for withdrawal and consequences if these conditions are not respected;
Art. 7) Times and penalties to pay to withdraw after withdrawal time has expired. Sanction;
Art. 8) Consequences for withdrawal during school year;
Art. 9-10) Explicit rescission clause and use of amounts paid;
Art. 12) Payment conditions;
Art. 13) Modification of the fees according to changes in VAT.

PLEASE NOTE: For this enrolment form to be considered valid, it needs to be signed by both parents, unless one of the two is the sole guardian of the child.

Appendix I
Privacy Law (30.06.2003 n. 196)

According to article 13 of the Privacy Law we would like to inform you of the following:

It is compulsory to communicate all data related to points 2/A and 2/B for the school to process the child’s enrolment and to enable the child’s attendance to this school. If you deny permission for these data to be used the school may not be able to accomplish its duties. Communicating data related to point 3 (use of photos and audio/video recordings) is not necessary for the school to be able to carry out the above mentioned duties, therefore consent is given at the parents’ discretion.

Data will be used managed solely for the following aims:
A) to carry out fiscal duties, to send mail and to disclose them to any State institution which required them by law,
B) to completely and correctly carry out teaching and recreational activities, such as educational visits and school trips.

– educational activities and training courses managed by H-International School S.r.l. (from now on called ‘H-IS’) and H-FARM Education (from now on called ‘HFE’) -offered to students aged 3 to 30- are carried out within the area called “H-CAMPUS”, located in Roncade (TV), in Via Sile 6, at the H-International School located in Olmi, Via Milano 1/5 and/or within any nearby facility;
– within the context of the above mentioned educational activities, H-IS or HFE staff or their collaborators may record audio, make films or take pictures of the students who attend the courses;
– parents or guardian’s consent must be sought in order to record, film or take pictures of students aged 3 to 18, and subsequently for this material to be used;
– the above-mentioned pictures, audio recordings and films (from now on called ‘Material’) may be used for the following scopes:
a) Didactic:
– photographs might be posted up on display boards inside the classrooms or along the corridors;
– might be included in the school’s newsletter, which is given out only to the families of the school’s pupils;
– to organise the annual Yearbook.
b) Informative, promotional, publicity, commercial:
– material can be used for the aims indicated above, even if in reduced or manipulated form, should it be the case (as an example, a reproduction on paper, magnetic or hardware devices, whether fixed or removable, or films, or moving/static images -regardless if on banners or brochures- guarded or uploaded online on the H-IS, H-CAMPUS or H-FARM S.p.a. websites or on that of any other business partner or on that of a company working in the publishing field, or on H-IS or its business partner’s social network accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
– posting, distribution and broadcasting of the above-mentioned Material, for the aims indicated above, on public and private tv channels, on internet channels and cinemas, on newspapers, magazines and any other means of communication without time or territorial limits;
– parents/guardians agree to sign away –on behalf of the student- their right of publicity and therefore agree not to claim any compensation from HFE nor H-IS.

Data will be shared with members of the H-International School S.r.l. only for the aims indicated at point 2/A and 2/B. Some information may be shared with IB inspectors to assess teaching of the school’s curriculum.
Films can be made available on computer devices (such as CD or memory sticks) for other parents of school pupils to copy them for family use only.
Regarding aims indicated at point 2/A and 2/B, personal data might be communicated to third parties such as:
– insurance companies
– state schools or private schools
– companies organising educational visits and trips
– occasionally there may the case that educational documents or assessments regarding the child may be shared with other educational institutions, especially when a pupil is moved to a different school. Documents will be shared with a system able to guarantee confidentiality.

Personal data will not be circulated.

Personal data can be transferred abroad to member countries of the European Union or to countries outside the European Union, only for the aims at point 2/A and at point 2/B.

The data will be managed from now and for all the school year 2017-18. Renewal of consent is asked every year. Data can be stored for future use to send home information and/or communications to the family.

Regarding the mentioned data, you will be able to exercise the rights as per article 7 of law decree 196/2003, within the limits and conditions as per article 8, 9 and 10 of the above mentioned law decree. A copy of article 7 is attached for your reference.

The H-International School S.r.l., with legal address in Roncade – Tenuta Ca’ Tron (TV), Via Sile 41, is in charge of managing the data.

Appendix II
Privacy Law (30.06.2003 n. 196)

Art. 7. Right to access personal data and other rights
The person concerned has the right to receive confirmation on whether there are any personal data regarding them even if they have not been recorded yet and has the right to have them communicated in an intelligible form.
2. The person concerned has the right to obtain indication of the following:
a) origin of personal data;
b) aims and modalities of data management;
c) the logics applied should the data be managed through an electronic device;
d) identification details of who is in charge of managing the data, of the person responsible for managing the data and of the designated representative as of article 5, paragraph 2;
e) people or categories of people to whom data can be communicated or who can access the data as designated representatives within the State’s territory, or as person responsible of managing the data or as person delegated by the person responsible of managing the data.

3. The person concerned has the right to obtain:
a) the updating, change or integration of their data;
b) the cancellation, transformation into anonymous or block of the data managed illegally, including those data which storage is not necessary according to the aims for which the data had originally been requested or managed;
c) the demonstration that the actions at letters a) and b) have been notified to those who have seen the concerned person’s data, except for the case in which it is impossible to do so or the means necessary to accomplish the task are disproportioned compared to the right that has to be granted.

4. The person concerned has the right to totally or in part oppose to:
a) for legitimate reasons, communicating their personal data even when requested for a relevant purpose;
b) personal data managing when this is aimed to send advertising material, direct sale or to carry out a market research or a commercial communication.

Appendix III

The school’s computers are provided to help our learning. The following rules will allow us to use them fairly and safely.
• I will only access the system with my class login and password, which I will keep secret.
• I will not access other people’s files without their permission.
• I will only use the computers for schoolwork, unless I am given permission.
• I will not bring in software from home.

• I will only use the Internet after first asking a member of staff.
• I will only use e-mail when told to by a teacher, and will not e-mail anyone I don’t know.
• All messages I send will be polite and responsible.
• I will not give my home address, phone number or arrange to meet someone.
• I will tell an adult if I see any text or image that I think is offensive, whether it happens when I use the computer, or when someone else does.
• I will not download or install files from the Internet.
• I will not deliberately access any inappropriate sites.

AppendiX IV

Art. 1
The € 2,000 fee regards the language support service, which is a period of minimum 50 specific fifty-minute sessions with the aim of learning the basis of a language. The service will be offered during school day or after school. Lessons can take place in groups or on a one-to-one basis depending on the assessment carried out by the school upon acceptance of pupil’s enrolment. The support also includes the collaboration time between the class teacher and the support teacher who will be in the classroom during the school year. The support will continue until the student will be able to fully participate in the classroom learning, even though there might be language gaps.

Art. 2
The fee must be paid in two instalments by the following due dates: 30/09/2017 and 31/12/2017

Art. 3
At the end of the above mentioned period of time and after an evaluation of the pupil’s progress has been carried out, should s/he still require to be supported in his/her language learning, the family will be requested to fill in and sign another form.

Appendix V

1. Families are responsible for their children’s behavior towards other children, the bus driver and the bus itself both outside and on the bus during transfers.
2. H­IS will decide the line routes and stops. H­IS can decide to change them over the course of the school year, if needed, in order to improve the service.
3. When the bus gets to school, pupils are welcomed by the school staff and students are expected to await the start of lessons in the dedicated space within the school facilities.
4. According to law regulations, supervision is only offered to pre­school children (Early Years Unit);
5. Parents are in charge of their child’s safety on the way to the bus stop in the morning and from the bus stop to their home in the afternoon. Parents of children up to Year 5 ­or a delegated adult­ are requested to escort their child to the bus stop in the morning and pick them up at the bus stop in the afternoon. Punctuality at pick­up time is requested, in order to guarantee the bus arrives on time at every bus stop and children are passed over to their parent or the correct authorized adult.
6. Upon written notice to families, H­IS reserves the right to exclude any child from the service should any behavioral issues arise that may put the functioning of the service at risk. H­IS can also reject enrolment of children whose attendance fees have not been paid in the past school years, and to interrupt the service even during the year for the same reason.
7. Families are bound to pay for the entire annual subscription ­ in three instalments ­ even in case the family decides to suspend the use of the service, except for the following cases: changing address, long-term illness certified by a doctor, other reasons that can be documented. H­IS will evaluate and admit at its own discretion the above-stated requests, as well as decide about a service suspension, wherever necessary.
8. If you wish to withdraw from the service, you must inform the Olmi school secretary, by writing an email to secretary.pyp@h-is.com providing a reason for withdrawal. Unjustified withdrawal will result in lack of reimbursement of any amount paid. Also, the family will not be reimbursed should the withdrawal happen after a reminder of payment has been sent by the school.
9. The family agrees to notify the administration office located in Via Milano 1 in Olmi in San Biagio di Callalta (TV) of any change of bus stop, by sending an email to secretary.pyp@h­is.com at least one week prior to the actual change.
10. According to article 13 of the Privacy Law, called “Tutela delle persone e di altri soggetti rispetto al trattamento dei dati personali”, any personal data acquired by the school will be used to carry out bus service duties only. The above mentioned duties are carried out also through the use of ICT procedures within the limits of the principles of necessity, even in the event data were communicated to third parties. It is compulsory to communicate all data related to school to process the child’s enrolment to the bus service. Regarding data, the person who communicates them will be able to exercise the rights provided in article 7 of law decree 196/2003. The person concerned has the right to obtain access to their personal data, can request for them to be updated, changed or integrated, cancelled, transformed into anonymous and to request illegal data management to be stopped, including those data which record is not necessary according to the aims for which they had originally been requested or managed.

AppendiX VI
2017/2018 SCHOOL FEES

2017-2018 fees are available here.

Admission and registration fees: within 5 (five) working days from the moment the form is handed to the school

Tuition fee e Technology Development fee:
Balance by 31/05/2017
6 instalments:
– 1st and 2nd instalments by 31/05/2017
– 3rd and 4th instalments by 31/07/2017
– 5th and 6th instalments by 30/09/2017
– 7th and 8th instalments by 30/11/2017
– 9th and 10th instalments by 31/01/2018
– 11th and 12th instalments by 31/03/2018
12 instalments (only through SEPA Direct Debit), starting from 31/05/2017

Language support:
€ 2,000 for students enrolled in the PYP or MYP 1-3 classes, t.b.d. for students enrolled in the MYP 4 class
– 1st instalment by 30/09/2017
– 2nd instalment by 31/12/2017

– 5% discount on the tuition fee for balance payments by 31/05/17
– 10% discount on the tuition fee for the 2nd child, 15% discount on the tuition fee from the third child onwards

The fees include: school service, insurance, meals. The Primary school fees also include text books and enrolment in mathletics.com.

The choice of the payment option will have to be undersigned in the enrolment form. When provided by bank transfer, payment of the amount/s due will have to be accredited by the indicated dates. Payment by the due date is strictly required. Otherwise, legal interests for late payment will apply.

Please refer to the following bank details for international transfers:
Account holder: H-International School S.r.l.
Bank: UNICREDIT SPA, Agenzia di Roncade
IBAN code: IT36R0200862010000104053334