Dining, mobility, classrooms, & boarding.
All you need to learn at your best.


A daily lunch, freshly prepared, served at the table, taking into account the seasonality of products and selecting high-quality raw ingredients.
The dining service at Olmi is provided by Elior, while high school students dine at Le Cementine. The meals respect the dietary and nutritional needs of children: vegetables and fruits are balanced with protein and carbohydrates. We are very attentive to allergies and food intolerances.

School spaces

A comfortable, high-quality environment makes learning and studying easier and more stimulating. This is why we pay special attention to interior and exterior spaces, to providing common and green areas that can be used freely by the students,
either for some leisure time in the open air or to work on individual or group projects. The green area is constantly subject to maintenance, in order to ensure its usability especially during spring days.


Studying at H-Farm and H-international School can be complete experience, by sharing not only time spent in the classroom, but also during free time. If you live far from H-Campus, if you come from another country, or if you just want to optimize your study and leisure time, we offer the possibility to board at our facilities for the duration of your study path. High School students can live in the Tenuta Ca’ Tron estate, which is now partially converted into a housing structure, but that once served as the headquarters for the large farming area in the surrounding countryside. The estate provides double rooms, recently restructured and with their own private bathrooms. Moreover, services include a weekly change of linen, as well as the cleaning of rooms and common spaces.
For those who would rather live in a more family-like setting, a number of Host Families are willing to host students for the academic year.
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H-International School students can use one of three shuttle buses. Every morning around 7:30AM and every afternoon at 16:15PM, the shuttles leave from and to Padua, Venice/Mestre, and Treviso.

Click here to download the school bus map and time table.