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After-school laboratories exploring graphic design

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Learn how to invent and create with our artistic tools

Starting on Friday, 10 November we will host 8 afternoon classes at our H-International School’s venue in Olmi di San Biagio (Treviso).

This special course is focused on graphic design: each class will be held by our LABS&CAMPS team, that will introduce the participants to the different tools and techniques allowing them to experiment, create and learn.

During these two-hour lessons, from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, children will learn how to create with paper or composing a poster as well as the art of typography, of decorative patterns and of 3D modeling.

Check the calendar below:

10-17-24 November

1-15 December

12-19-26 January


Apply now for your laboratories here.

For further information, please email us at: labsandcamps@h-farm.com


H-IS Experience

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On November 18th, a new Open Day to discover our school. The same day will be held the entrance exams for our High School.

From kindergarten to High School, H-International School Treviso offers a complete educational pathway, which goes well beyond school benches. We define H-International School as an experience that is worth living.

On Saturday, November 18, starting at 9.45 am, we have organized an Open Day for students and parents, during which it will be possible to experience and learn about our teaching through mock lessons held by our teachers for parents and children and dedicated to individual age groups , based on the IBO programme: Early Years Unit (kindergarten); Primary Years Programme 1-5 (elementary school); Middle Years Programme 1-3 (middle school); High School (secondary school), consisting of the Middle Years Programme 4-5 and the Diploma Programme, the latter awarded by the Collegio Pio X @ H-CAMPUS.

This is the day’s programme:

9:45 – 11:30 — Presentation of H-International School

– Training pathways
– Q & A

11:30 – 12:20 Mock lesson (first shift)*:
– EYU – Early years unit
– PYP – Primary school
– MYP 1-3 – Middle school
– MYP 4-5/DP Piox @H-CAMPUS – High School
12:30 – 1:20 Mock lesson (second shift) *
– EYU – early years unit (kindergarten)
– PYP – first grade primary school
– MYP 1-3 – first grade secondary school
– MYP 4-5/DP Piox @H-CAMPUS – High School

* Mock lessons are replicated in two sessions to allow those interested to experience teaching in two different study programmes. The teachers are native English speakers. For this reason, we ask you to indicate which pathways you are interested in so activities can be organised as best as possible.

During the day, written tests in math, logic and English and the oral exams in English will be held for the MYP4 classes (corresponding to the first year of Italian high school) and DP1 (equivalent to the third year of Italian high school, the programme is carried out at H- CAMPUS by the Collegio Pio X).

For people wishing to take the exam, please bring along a copy of the attendance card and your latest school reports, or send this via e-mail at secreatry.myp@h-is.com. Reports delivery is binding on test partecipation. You’ll need to bring with you a pen, a calculator and a ruler.

This is the test’s programme:

– MYP4 and DP1: written test in logic and math**

– Lunch break (offered by the school for students) **

1.15 pm
– MYP4 and DP1 written English test **

3.00 pm
– MYP4 and DP1 oral English test **

** Activities reserved for students who have to take the test.


When school nurtures entrepreneurial ideas

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The story of Chiara, Matilde and Martina: the students behind our High School indoor snack bar

Chiara, Martina and Matilde are 18 years old and run the High School indoor snack bar. No coffee tables or coffee machines, but instead during the morning break, they pull out sweets and chips from their cupboard and serve nearly a hundred students.

“Last year I was a member of the student council and many of us felt the need to eat something during the morning break,” says Matilde, “We turned to our coordinator Mr. Coppard who challenged us to find our own solution».

And so the first trips to the supermarket began, almost daily, until they figured out what sold best. The goods are delivered to school in shopping bags on the school bus. Then the need to keep the books, revenue vs costs, all set up on a properly programmed excel file. This year the number of students has increased, and going to the supermarket has become difficult. But students continue to rely on them.

“We are trying out Amazon or we’ll try to make a deal with wholesalers.” Retail prices are dictated by the market: “We don’t have a fixed percentage to work out our profit margin, but instead we rely on the product. If we know that one particular item is in high demand, we charge a little more, but we are talking about a few cents at most.”

And the profits? At the end of the year, once we cover the costs, it will all go to charity, to the countries devastated by earthquakes in recent years. Not as a simple donation, but as supplies they will take with them during a volunteering trip. In fact, this activity will be recognized as part of the Services as Action hours that must be completed to obtain the diploma as the IB MYP programme requires students to devote part of their extracurricular time at the service of the community, whether scholastic, local or International. “We’ve put all our effort in this project, but we could have never done it without the support and encouragement of the school …”

Chiara, Matilde and Martina pulled out all their perseverance and enthusiasm to help their peers. They dream of studying psychology, becoming linguists, working with artificial intelligence, and with the media. Given the premise, we can predict they will go a long way and will achieve far more than they can imagine.


H-International School: a new branch in Monza

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A new school will open its doors in January 2018

The educational offer of H-International School – a pillar of our Education division – grows with the opening of a new branch in Monza.

Our educational model, fine tuned in recent years and about to be exported in other cities, is based on an international, innovative and multidisciplinary programme.

Focused on empowering students to invent and create, our courses aim to foster learning through experience.
The direct contact with the most advanced technologies and the digital entrepreneurial world makes H-International School an unparalleled centre of learning in Italy and Europe.

The combination of imagination, curiosity and resourcefulness are at the core of the ideas and computational thinking mindset that the students develop in our school, and are essential features of our entrepreneurial ecosystem where students, teachers, managers and professionals exchange views in order to understand and seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

The H-International School of Monza will start with the Kindergarten (0-2 years) in January 2018; the pre-school, the Primary Years Programme and the Middle Years Unit will start in September 2018.

For more info about our method and the school in Monza, write to info.monza@h-is.com or contact us here.


The new edutech shop is online now

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 Buy the tools that H-FARM Education division uses for its programmes with kids and teenagers.

You can now buy the tech tools that H-FARM Education uses for its programmes at the new e-shop, in partnership with Magnetic Media Network. We’re happy that everybody have the opportunity to keep learning in a fun way as kids do in H-FARM Education’s Digital Camps.

These items are available at H-FARM Campus and online, with tools and toys designed for children and teens to explore their skills through coding, electronics, making and much more. Among the products you can find: micro:bit, mbot, Makey Makey, Sphero, Cubetto and Lego Mindstorm.

Shop online here.

little eng+ rosà

The growth strategy of H-FARM Education division continues

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The Vicenza and Rosà international schools are part of the education program developed by H-FARM Education.

We are pleased to announce the acquisition by H-FARM of two centers of education excellence in Italy: the Little English School in Vicenza and the English International School in Rosà (Vicenza).

The Little English School is home for 190 children of the nursery, primary and middle school years. These paths include the integration between the British National Curriculum and the Italian Ministerial Program.

The English International School, founded in 1992, is a member of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), and today it has about 300 students aged 5 to 14.

“The schools of Vicenza and Rosà are motivated to embark on a new path that will lead them to offer their students the skills to face the many challenges of our ever-changing world.”, said Riccardo Donadon, H-FARM’s Founder and CEO. “Their acquisition is not only a further development of our operation on the territory, but also an important step to both test our innovative education model and attract the most competent and valuable people in this sector.”

Little English School

Meeting with Little English School

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The first occasion to open our doors to the staff and families of the school which recently joined our family.

On June 20, 2017 we hosted a meeting with the staff, students and families of the Little English School, recently acquired by our Education division.

Yesterday was a valuable moment to get to know each other and explore our programmes. Not only we took a tour of our venue, but also shared our vision, plans for the future and activities at H-International School.
This collaboration marks an important step towards the creation of a unique educational offer that will boost innovation and digital opportunities for the younger generations.

We’re glad to start this new experience, welcome on board!


End of the School Year Party: entertainment for all ages

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BBQ, ice-cream truck, music, funny games and sports: the school party was a success.

Last Saturday we hosted the End of School Year Party in the incredible venue of H-FARM.
After a fantastic year full of achievements concluded with the Primary Years Programme 5’s and Middle Years Programme 3’s exams we couldn’t wait for this day of amusement organised by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Among clowns, funny games, a tasty BBQ and even a pit ball, students, parents and teachers enjoyed a valuable time. It was also a networking time for parents and our staff, that share with our students the amazing project of H-International School aiming to become a recognised center of education.

And soon, off on well deserved holidays. See you in September!


MYP 4: London chronicles

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Pierre and Leo, MYP 4 students, narrate us their classmates’ trip to London.

This year, the MYP4 all went to London for a trip. Pierre, Leo, Edoardo and Matilde were those who didn’t go. Apart from many other activities proposed to these four students, they were also in charge of writing and collecting news of this trip to England and publish our chronicle on H-International School website, thanks to the descriptions that were sent by the MYP 4 business and economics teacher David Coppard.

  • Monday: The students are presented to their tutors and given the materials needed for the rest of the trip.
  • Tuesday: The MYP 4 are visit a factory which prints for nationally and internationally based agencies.
  • Wednesday: During the morning hours, the group of students are given free time to explore London or just to stay in the hotel room or do what they want. After their free hours, the Myp students also visit a worldwide television company called Sky.
  • Thursday: On Thursday morning, the class is  talking with a blogger. They are also talking about writing and how it can bring a lot of fame. Towards the end of the day, the students also focused on how the Big data affect our lives constantly and took part in an activity regarding this important matter.
  • Friday: This was the class’ last day. During most of it, our peers are spending their time by packing up and checking out of their rooms. They had some free time afterwards. Towards the afternoon, the class made their way to the airport and after a long week and fun week in London, the students were ready to go home.

All the chronicle on this page!

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.08.51

Our teachers describe the Early Years Unit (“the school for little ones”)

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The video-presentation of H-International School’s nursery school has been published. Key word: experimentation.

In order to present their educational method, the teachers of H-International School’s Early Years Unit created a video-presentation with some images of their lessons in action and the digital tools that they use in their classrooms. The first approach to school is fundamental for children in order to teach them about curiosity and learning, how to create relationships, how to share and explore.

The Early Unit is an integral part of the IBO Primary Years Programme, and is comprised of the the first three years of traditional Italian primary school, during which the teachers, two per class (one of which being a native English speaker), create an educational programme based on “research”, or “inquiry”: starting with very simple questions, the children are allowed to freely explore the subject and to construct their personal theories and answers. “When a child has ownership of their learning, they will thrive”.

The video was produced by Lyndsay Stuttard, in collaboration witn Anna Antonini, Vicktoriya Cheban, Sabrina Marcon, Samantha McDermott, Emma Wareham and Angela Villanti.