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Y2 – Innovating our Learning with Technology

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For the past 8 weeks the Year 2 students have been exploring the unit of Global Perspectives, part of the IB transdisciplinary theme of Where We Are in Time and Place, that focuses on providing students the opportunity to learn more about the world and the people in it to help expand their own perspectives.

Author: Lyndsey Stuttard | Educator and Digital Coordinator at H-IS



I wanted to create a summative project that allowed my students not only the chance to share what they have learned about the world during this unit, but also to present their findings in an innovative and engaging way utilizing technology. I designed this digital project and focused the technology based around the abilities of my students as well as their familiarity with the different types of technology we used.

After being provided with a blank world map, the students had to use various resources and research skills to fill in the map and answer research questions, all of which would be used in the project. The students were excited and extremely enthusiastic about getting to use the Quiver app, a unique colouring tool that turns 2 dimensional colouring pages into 3D interactive models. As many students noted during this project, it was very interesting and “cool” to see how their 2D map became a 3D globe, and seeing them interact with the world by turning it, expanding it, and locating the different continents and oceans was certainly rewarding.

While utilizing the app, the students had to record videos of their rotating world, locating the different continents and, within them, certain countries they have studied, recounting different facts from their research. All these video clips were then compiled into iMovie, where the students had to use their knowledge of video editing to be sure that clips and sound were properly aligned.

This type of project not only provided the students the chance to share their knowledge as it related to the unit, but also gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their digital knowledge and abilities. Utilizing technology in this creative way, and pushing digital tools to be used in ways that they may not have originally been intended to use is the type of innovation we are promoting in our learning environment.

I am hopeful that many more digital projects similar to this one will emerge in the future at H-International School.


Global Day

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On April 5th, we realized the Global Day for PYP 2 Explorers!

As an integral part of the Unit of Inquiry dedicated to global prospects, the activity involved not only our students, but also their families from other countries or who have lived abroad in the past. Thanks to their experiences, our children have been able to discover all the details related to integration, discovering a new culture or learning a new language in countries such as Hong Kong, Turkey, France, Belgium, India and the Czech Republic.

During this day of exploration, students listened to their parents’ tales, tasted local food and drinks and obviously found answers to their curiosity. A precious opportunity to learn something new, taste delicious foods and broaden  horizons.

Pizza H-IS-4

From the idea to its creation: let’s make pizza!

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In Year 1 we have just completed the Unit of Inquiry. How we organize ourselves.

Our central idea was “People create systems for the production and distribution of goods” so we created a pizza delivery system. We carried out market research, designed publicity materials, created boxes, took orders and collected money and finally made and delivered the pizzas!