Would you like to enrol at the H-International School but live far from it?

H-IS offers a boarding service.

Boarding is provided for all ages, however it is especially suitable for High School students.

While waiting for H-CAMPUS in the H-FARM area in Ca’ Tron (Roncade) to be completed in 2018, boarding will be offered by Centro della Famiglia, at their recently renovated facilities located in Via San Nicolò 60, in the historical centre of Treviso.

Pictures will let you have a better idea of the venue. However, in order for the facilities to be alligned with H-CAMPUS quality standards, furniture at the Treviso venue will be renovated over the next few weeks.

Centro della famiglia – Treviso

The monthly fee for our boarding service is € 1,500, and it includes breakfast, dinner, transport, room cleaning and tutoring.

Students can also live with the family of one of their classmates. This encourages the formation and consolidation of an international school community. Special training courses are provided for families hosting students.

The monthly fee for a family accomodation is €500.