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Back to H-International School – Soft skills, coding, new subjects and teachers


Use of tablets in the Early Years Unit (nursery school), iPad for all other students, Macbook Air for high school students. There will also be an hour dedicated to coding in the PYP – in the last four years of school – weekly labs dedicated to the Soft Skills and a new subject called “Digital tools & projects”, comprised of three hours a week dedicated to studying traditional subjects in innovative ways. The new educational project of H-International School is becoming more and more enriched in its teaching methods, in the use of specific digital tools and and the implementation of its unique didactic approach.

We had already begun working last year on how to continuously improve the educational experience within our school. We have begun a journey that we wish to continue to develop in collaboration with the families of our students, and the students themselves, in order to provide them with an educational path that is stimulating, effective and that is able to develop the students’ potential.

Mauro Bordignon, Headmaster of H-IS

High School

More specifically, our high school program is spread out over 40 hours of weekly lessons, from 8.30am to 16.15pm, in order to have significant amounts of time dedicated to learning at school in order to reduce the amount of time dedicated to schoolwork at home. The spaces in which the lessons take place are completely new – laboratories, common areas, break areas and school restaurant.

PYP & MYP1-3

At our Olmi campus, all of the technological equipment has been updated, including the new computer science classroom. The Early Years Unit will have an assistant for each class, as well as the support of a psychologist who will assistant students who have special needs.
The classroom schedule of the Early Years Unit begins with arrival of the students between 8.15 and 8.55am and the end of the school day is scheduled at 15.15.
For PYP 1-5, lessons are scheduled between 8.30 and 15.15, while the MYP school day runs from 8.30 to 15.30.

With the new school year, the boarding service for the high school students has begun and five lines of a school bus service has been activated, serving Venice, Padova and Treviso, linking these cities with our Olmi di San Biagio di Callalta and Roncade campuses. The H-International School buses are decorated with the school and H-FARM logos. Click on this link for a full listing of lines and timetables.