International, digital, creative

Think of a traditional school. Classrooms, desks, folders, registers. Kids seated, listening to a teacher. Desk, quizzes, homework. A traditional school like many. Very different from the H-International School… Because here, from the start, not only in the new campus that is under construction, kindergarten kids to university students will discover that learning is an interesting, entertaining activity. They will involve themselves in new subjects and learn the traditional ones in a different way. They will be helped to discover themselves and their talents. They will grow to the limits of their capacities and without gender discrimination. They will acquire the skills needed for success in a new way, which is just beginning, but which little by little will completely change our ways of living, producing and interacting.

Our International School is a park where talents bloom, where creativity, inventiveness and curiosity are sown, where each child is given the opportunity to develop his or her full potential. We do it in English and through the new digital and other technologies, through an innovative teaching method that integrates the program of the International School with modern teaching methods that exploit the full potential of digital technology.

We are building a new campus, a beautiful, friendly, unique study environment where students can grow to realize their projects, a unique place where they can learn amidst natural surroundings, where their education leads to a professional career, where they will live among young entrepreneurs, startuppers and managers of large companies – a bridge connecting the school to the real world. In the new campus, built alongside H-FARM, the H-International School will  nd its permanent place.

In the meantime, we want to construct together with you the contents of a modern, interesting and innovative school already during the school year that will start in September 2016. In addition to a traditional education program, we will guide our kids toward new study opportunities.

Through the Digital Native Season Lab (with 8 different subjects, from Robotics to Coding, from programming video games to graphic design, by way of the maker world); and through Digital Afternoons, storytelling adventures with our iStopMotion Lab and workshop on digital comics; to Family Day, where our kids, together with their parents, can learn about the rules, limits and opportunities of networking, apps and digital tools.

We follow a different itinerary for teaching Math and History, Geography and Foreign Languages, gradually giving the students of the H-International School new learning tools, methods and approaches that are much
more  exibleand personalized.
The traditional school is no longer adequate. It is for this reason that H-International School has come into being, a school transformed by digital technology and a strong international focus, not only as regards language, but above all by introducing teaching innovations from all over the world. In the H-International School, the future is now.

Carlo Carraro
Head of education