EYU, PYP e MYP 1, 2 & 3 MENU

Lunch is provided on a daily basis by Gemeaz – Elios, one of the main caterers nationally.
Kids have their meals in the dining room and are supervised by at least two adults.
Meals are simple, healthy, and balanced. They are designed to promote nutritional awareness in students. They include:
– A main course with pasta, rice, or soup
– A meat, fish, or cheese course
– A side of vegetables
– bread and fruit or a yogurt
All meals are prepared using organic, IGP, DOP, farm-to-table and/or fair trade ingredients.
Please inform the school about any food allergy or dietary restrictions your kids may have. The catering company requires a medical certificate in order to provide for these needs.

Parents should inform the school of any issue regarding the day’s menu before 9:00am, so to allow proper communication with the catering company.


The menu for our High School students is curated by the newly-opened restaurant within our campus: Le Cementine.