Mediterranean Festival 2017!


A festive lunch characterized by the colors, smells and flavors from all over the world (and from Italy)

Geography is not only mapsand place names, but also culture and traditions. And, of course, cuisine and typical products.

Discovery of the folklore of the countries of the world is the mission of the Mediterranean Festival, which from February 24th, for the second year in a row, will enliven the Olmi location of the H-International School.

From 12.00pm to 14.00pm, one of the classrooms will be transformed into a real food festival, with colorful stands and beautiful dishes. Organized by Mr Moll, geography teacher at H-IS, the Mediterranean Festival is managed by the Middle Year Program 1-2-3: divided into 14 teams, coordinated by the students of year 2, each team was assigned a country by lottery. France, Lebanon, Albania, Greece, and also the Italian regions of Puglia and Liguria, among others. The students then had to design their stand, study traditional recipes and ingredients of their assigned country, create a dish and describe its origins to the judges. Yes, that’s right, the Mediterranean Festival also contains a competition, in which the parents and students can vote for winners in three categories: best stand, best food and best knowledge of the prepared dishes (ingredients, history, little-known facts…).
Whoever is interested in learning more can use the tablets available on each table that shows the preparation of the dish , along with some slides that include little-known facts about the countries. To make the Festival even more lively, the students wore traditional costumers of their countries.

The winners will be announced in a few days…In the meantime, here are some tasty photos!