The didactic path of H-International School is based on the Anglo-Saxon model and is certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization for the PYP and MYP. An IBO-candidate DP is conducted at the school by the Pio X academy.

The program structure adheres to the high-level, international standards that prepare students for the world of tomorrow. This educational path is enhanced through the use of didactic elements that take advantage of digital processes and the use of technology in order to increase students’ aptitude, while celebrating their individual talents and creativity.

At the end of the didactic path, with the completion of the IB-Diploma programme, the students obtain a diploma that is equivalent to the Italian Maturità a year in advance compared to the traditional Italian scholastic model. The students then have access to both Italian and the most prestigious international universities.

Primary Years Programme

from 3 to 10 years

Corresponding to the Italian nursery and primary (elementary) school. The three years of nursery school make up the Early Years Programme: classes are conducted in English with the support of Italian teachers.

Middle Years Programme

from 10 to 15 years

The programme is made up of a 5-year path as set forth by the IBO (3 years of middle school and the initial 2 years of high school). During the last two years of the MYP, the didactic activities are further enhanced in preparation for the Diploma Programme.

IB – Diploma Programme

from 15 to 17 years

Comprised of the final two years of high school, giving students access to the major Italian (through equipollency) and the most important international universities. The DP offers the choice between two concentrations: Human Thinking and Digital Sciences. The course is conducted within H-CAMPUS by the Pio X academy.