Our High School offers educational programmes. The first programme is the continuation and completion of our MYP programme, with classes now being offered in the fourth (M4) and fifth years (M5).
The second one is the Diploma Programme (DP), the MYP’s natural continuation.
This programme is also in partnership with and considered as a branch of the Pio X International. Access to this programme is in conjunction with an entrance exam, which will be required to assess the students’ level of English.
H-IS offers additional language support to new students joining the international programme.


(Years 4 and 5)

New students Admission fee
€2,000 (una tantum)

Registration fee
€1,000 by the 25/01/2017 for the H-IS students, by the 06/02/2017 for new students
€1,800 after the 25/01/2017 for the H-IS students, after the 06/02/2017 for new students

Technology Development fee
€42 each month for 12 months (€504/year)

Tuition fee
€792 each month for 12 months (€9,504/year)


H-International School offers students the opportunity of accommodation throughout their studies with us, being placed either with a family or within our residential facilities.

For families of students enrolled on one of our courses, who are willing to host a student for the duration of the academic year, you will only be expected to pay half of the tuition fee.


The Diploma and IGCSE Programmes are available at H-IS from September 2016-2017. A variety of activities, workshops, innovative projects, multimedia and digital technology will be integrated in to each of the programmes, as well as offering students the possibility to immediately have contact and direct experiences with start-ups and companies currently present at H-FARM.

Classes will be held at the pre H-CAMPUS until the completion of the official campus.