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DP1 visits the International Center for Climate Governance

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The Diploma Programme 1 visits the Center for Climate Governance

The DP1 class is exploring the conservation of natural and historic heritage, including the State Archives and International Center for Climate Governance, in Venice.

Founded in 2009 by the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, the ICCG is an internationally recognized research center that conducts research on topics related to climate change and related government policies, and is a meeting point for economists, researchers, politicians and leaders of the private sector.

On Wednesday, April 5th, H-International School’s DP1 class has visited the ICCG headquarters and met the researchers and staff who conduct studies, experiencing what it means to work in a “research center on climate.” The students have been accompanied by Ms. Scapolan, professor of Environmental Systems and Societies, and Ms Gietz, Theory of Knowledge teacher. This visit represents an important part of this year’s educational program: this year, the main theme of the interdisciplinary project of natural sciences and humanities is, in fact, the preservation of natural and historical heritage.

Following the visit, the students have also visited the State Archives of Venice for a guided tour of the collections, view several documents concerning international relations of the Republic of Venice and explore some of the hisotrical document digitization projects..


Everybody loves jazz!

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The H-Choir will hold its first concert on Thursday, April 13th in the Hall

Spring has finally arrived…And what better to celebrate than with some music?!

On Thursday, April 13th at 6.30pm, parents, friends and relatives are invited to the Spring Jazz Concert that will take place in The Hall, at H-FARM headquarters.

Three different choirs made up of PYP and MYP students will take the stage, accompanied by a professional jazz band… Special guest – the H-International School parents’ choir.

The April 13th event will be the first official concert by the H-Choir, who will need all of your support: the goal is to make the Spring concert become an annual event.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

IB world schools are renowned for having an innovative teaching style

Discovery, fun and learning: the PYP5 Exhibition is unveiled

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The exams at H-IS are different – they are not just written tasks but an unforgettable adventure.

A classroom – usually the largest in the school – filled with desks, boys and girls around 10 years old, focused on completing their assignment while a teacher oversees the group. This is how exams used to be, starting from the end of elementary school onwards.

What would the same classroom look like if the exam was actually a group project that was developed over the course of a month?

Explanatory posters, experimentation tables, all sorts of documents and, obviously, the creators of the project themselves, the boys and girls in Year 5, who are proud to show off their work and their research. These are the ingredients of the Exhibition: the final project of PYP5.
This is not only a group project but a truly multidisciplinary and interactive exam, in which learning means discovering, according to the IB principles and goals, that combine the learning of concepts with the development of skills and outlooks, useful when facing future challenges.

Open Minded, Inquirers, Thinkers, Communicators and Risk-Takers, these are just some of the characteristics of the Learner Profile, the reference model for IB students.
Using an approach that combines knowledge, analysis and discovery, IB teachers urge their students to be an active part of their growth by learning not only concepts and formulas, but also how to ask the right questions, to not be afraid to make mistakes and how to communicate their personal experiences and discoveries. Active and curious explorers, who are able to work in teams and are respectful of their fellow travelers.

For an entire month the H-IS PYP5 students manage the organisation, the breaking up into teams, identification of research topics and the responsibility for the final result. Their teachers are there, of course, but they act solely as mentors and counselors. This project represents for the students an incredible opportunity to get involved and show off their potential.

For those interested in learning more, there’s a surprise in store: the students of PYP5 have created a weekly newsletter, where they included updates on their project and indications on how to ask questions or give feedback on the project.

The unveiling will take place on April 11th in the middle school hall.


From High School to the United Nations

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The students of DP1 will take part in a simulation of the United Nations in Stuttgart, Germany

For four days, the students of the Diploma Programme step into the shoes of delegates from Bangladesh to the United Nations, and delved into problems, solutions and the real-life themes affecting current international relations. The Model of United Nations (MUN) took place in Stuttgart, Germany from March 30th to April 2nd, welcoming students from all over the world.

Among this delegation of students has been the Diploma Programme 1 class, which currently takes place within H-FARM. MUN is a cycle of conferences that is held in locations all over the globe that gives high school and university students the possibility to take part in a simulations of UN conferences, where students act like real foreign delegates who discuss real issues. This initiative has the underlying goal of collaboration on common solutions, while considering the interests of the various countries.

The student of the DP1, accompanied by Miss Gietz, underwent this experience along with students from all over the world and can explore in-depth the complexities of current international relations.


H-International School entrance exam!

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On Saturday, May 20th, students will test their English and Math skills to be admitted to the first and third years of High School

During the last exam session at the end of January, 70 students took the entrance exam for admission to H-International School. However, school registration is always open on a rolling basis. To be admitted to the High School, students must pass the entrance exam, which includes written sections in mathematics, logic and English, as well as an oral exam in English. The next test is being planned for May 20th.


On Saturday, May 20th, students interested in enrolling in the MYP4 (corresponding to the first year of Italian secondary school) and DP1 (corresponding to the third year of Italian secondary school) classes will have a new chance to take the exam. This round of exams is for both students who have never taken the test previously, as well as those who have completed a tutoring phase in English or mathematics.

The following is the agenda of the testing day:


  • MYP4 and DP1: written exam in logic and mathematics


  • Lunch break (lunch is provided by the school)


  • MYP4 written exam in English


  • MYP4 and DP oral exam in English

Students taking the exam are asked to bring a copy of the participation ticket and their previous report cards (or send them by email to


Mediterranean Festival 2017!

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A festive lunch characterized by the colors, smells and flavors from all over the world (and from Italy)

Geography is not only mapsand place names, but also culture and traditions. And, of course, cuisine and typical products.

Discovery of the folklore of the countries of the world is the mission of the Mediterranean Festival, which from February 24th, for the second year in a row, will enliven the Olmi location of the H-International School.

From 12.00pm to 14.00pm, one of the classrooms will be transformed into a real food festival, with colorful stands and beautiful dishes. Organized by Mr Moll, geography teacher at H-IS, the Mediterranean Festival is managed by the Middle Year Program 1-2-3: divided into 14 teams, coordinated by the students of year 2, each team was assigned a country by lottery. France, Lebanon, Albania, Greece, and also the Italian regions of Puglia and Liguria, among others. The students then had to design their stand, study traditional recipes and ingredients of their assigned country, create a dish and describe its origins to the judges. Yes, that’s right, the Mediterranean Festival also contains a competition, in which the parents and students can vote for winners in three categories: best stand, best food and best knowledge of the prepared dishes (ingredients, history, little-known facts…).
Whoever is interested in learning more can use the tablets available on each table that shows the preparation of the dish , along with some slides that include little-known facts about the countries. To make the Festival even more lively, the students wore traditional costumers of their countries.

The winners will be announced in a few days…In the meantime, here are some tasty photos!


100 days of school for our PYP 1 students

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How do you count from 0 to 100? Here’s how the children from PYP1 and 2 year did it

For children in the first and second year of elementary school, 100 days of school are very important: filled with discovery, new lessons learned and, most importantly, new friends. This is why our teachers decided to celebrate this milestone, in a very original and creative way.

After counting the days, one by one, this Wednesday all of the students in the first year of elementary school arrived dressed as…100 year old people. At least, according to them!

Using glasses, wigs, strange clothing and various other props, the outcome was extremely fun and allowed the families to partecipate in this festive occasion. As at any real “party”, there were snacks for everyone: pop-corn, cookies, sweets and potato chips that helped us to count from 0 to 100!

Happy 100 days of school!


Digital adventures at the Children’s Carnival in Venice

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For the second year in a row, H-FARM Education’s Labs & Camps will be present at Venice’s Biennale with a special project for young students

Telling a story pixel by pixel and visually giving it form by using a simple programming language: the lab designed by H-FARM Education for the Children’s Carnival is called “Creators of digital adventures” and from February 18th to 26th, will open to elementary- and middle-school students.

The workshop will guide students through the steps of creating an animated story, an interactive digital cartoon in which they will imaginatively create using Scratch, the programming language designed for young and unexperienced users, and Makey Makey, which allows users to digitally control objects.

The main goal is to stimulate creativity and inventiveness through coding and the organization of ideas through the construction of a storyboard.

This laboratory allows students to “digitally” explore the theme of this edition of the Children’s Carnival, “The Playroom”, through the use of computers, coding and technology in order to blend together games, words, music and stories in order to create a storyline and give it life.

H-FARM Education’s labs, lasting 2 hours long, will be held in two sessions duringweekday mornings and a single session on Saturday at 11am.

For more information, please contact:

Find out more about labs&camps!

Ivan denisovic

From literature to videomaking

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A creative exercise using cross-media to interpret the underying themes of one of the most significant novels of the previous century

Following this month’s Art Day, the students of H-International School continue to “play with the five senses” through experiments with directing and acting. Along with their English language and literature professor, Mr. Gray Galloway, the students recently read and analyzed the English translation of one of the most important works of modern Russian literature, One day in the life of Ivan Denisovič, by Aleksandr Solženicyn (1962). This historic-autobiographical novel is set in a Siberian gulag post-World War II and has a deceptively simple storyline: Ivan, the protagonist, Ivan, narrates his experience in the workcamps and the daily difficulties and struggles of forced work.

Analyzing the themes of a novel can prove to be not as simple as one would think. So why not try to bring the main themes of the novel to life through the use of audiovisual imagery? The students’ assignment for this project was to create short films, highlighting the most significant themes of the novel and selecting the most important passages representing those themes, thus creating a hypothetical fil rouge.

The following is one of the result of the students’ work (who took advantage of the snowy weather last week to shoot realistic outdoor footage…).
We recommend that you watch the short film until the very end – there is a little surprise that helps to tone down the severity of the main themes of the novel!

The other films are available through private channel, by request, emailing


Art is for Everyone

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On January 9th, our students spent the day expressing their creativity with colors, canvases and paintbrushes

A sheet of plastic covering the floor, a blank canvas, brushes, sponges, paint cans and stereo speakers blaring music to keep up the momentum. This proved to be a truly unique “Back to School” moment for the students of the MYP 4 and DP 1 classes who freely expressed their artistic and creative talents during the Art Day. Divided up into four groups, the students mixed the sounds they recorded during their earlier Venice field trip on December 7th of last year in order to create a unique soundtrack of sounds and voices that were used as an inspiration for their paintings.

The imaginative results of the day will be exhibited at H-IS in via Sile 6, Roncade. A selection of photos will be loaded soon.