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A school trip to the United Nations and the CERN Research Center

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The DP1 class goes to Geneva on a school trip to explore science, nature and art

A school trip that includes a visit to the United Nations and a few hours spent alongside the researchers of the CERN Research Center; with the end of the school year quickly approaching, the time has arrived for school trips. The students of our High School will experience a school trip rich with international diplomacy, art and the latest developments in the world of scientific research.

From May 21st to 24th, the students of the Diploma Programme 1 will travel to Geneva and they already have a full agenda. First, a trip to the International School of Geneva, one of the first such schools in Europe, which has an (almost) century-long history. Then, the students will visit the UN headquarters (the most important in Europe) and the CERN Research Center, the center of scientific research that was the birthplace of the World Wide Web and some of the most important discoveries in the field of partical physics.

On Wednesday, the last day of the trip, students will explore the natural and architectural beauty of the Swiss city: the Annecy Castle, the historic residence of the counts of Geneva, which is on the banks of the Annecy River, known as the cleanest lake on the continent.

Shortly afterwards, it will be the MYP4 students’ turn, who will be heading to London.


High School, living a unique experience

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A new location for our boarding service in the Tenuta of Ca’ Tron, surrounded by nature and in renovated and secure facilities

Living a 360-degree experience while studying at H-International School – courses, lessons, events and the possibility to sleep in school facilities. Our boarding service offers both an educational experience, as well as an adventure in growth.

For this academic year, we are providing brand new spaces that will host our High School students, choosing a location that is situated within the Ca’ Tron estate. The building is called the Tenuta, a large building that has been completely renovated and converted into a residential structure.

The Tenuta is a characteristic country house that has been completely restored. It once served as the heart of one of biggest agricultural districts in Europe. The Tenuta has 8 single rooms, 13 double rooms and 4 triple rooms, all with their own bathroom. It also boasts communal areas, a large professional kitchen and a dining room, which is where breakfast and dinner will be served. Students also have a large outdoor area and study areas at their complete disposal.

The structure is entirely enclosed and monitored by videocameras; it also has a round the clock security service. A shuttle bus will accompany the students every day back and forth to the school, which is about 2 kilometers away.

A detailed activity program and additional details regarding the boarding service will be available shortly.


Sports Day, relay races and fun!

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Friday 19th the traditional appointment at H-International School

Sports are important, not only for your body. Being able to face challenges, accept defeat without desponding and being humble when winning are attitudes you can learn through sports. Determination, team spirit, the will to reach your goals… are also important to make your dreams come true.

The long-awaited Sports Day, organised by our PE teacher, Mr Moll, was held on Friday 19th May at the H-International School Olmi venue. Children challenged themselves with hoops, skipping, balls and relay races. Parents also joined in the races and the PTA organised a wonderful buffet both for children and parents.

Blue, green, red and white t-shirts. Painted faces, trumpets and cheers -especially from mums and dads- and a bit of competition… which is always good. Below are some photos of the event.


Becoming a host family: a truly unique experience

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Emanuela tells her story of “adopting” an H-International School student and accompanying them on their academic path

A big smile, a pink scarf around her neck and tons of energy. This is our description of Emanuela, the mother of Bianca, one of the H-International School students, who, along with her family, has decided to add a unique experience to this school year.
This is one of the “host families”, the families that host other H-IS students who come from “faraway” places. In this case, the student is Giulia, from the Abruzzo region.
“I have older children, one of which has already left home. The space was there and we thought it would be a wonderful experience for the entire family.”

There were several worries, of course: what if we need to go away for the weekend? What if the student has a hard time fitting in with the family? What if there are conflicts with the student’s family of origin?
It’s a choice that entails a large responsibility, but communicating clearly helps to resolve any sort of problem. Before hosting Giulia, we decided to meet her and her family, we had lunch together and we were very clear from the beginning about our family’s habits, routines and the rules to follow. Giulia’s family agreed and let their daughter live this experience.”

Not an easy experience, but a very enriching one, both for the guest and the host, for many different reasons. According to Emanuela, the two girls get along very well and each has found their own space and balance with the other. The play sports and study together, they talk and share experiences.
“Giulia shares everything with us, apart from the school holidays when she returns home, and we act as if she was one of our daughters. Of course, we take care and check up on her a bit more, but she is free to choose just like Bianca. If we go to the movies and she prefers to stay at home, she can. Or, for example, on Sunday we went to a 1st Communion party and she decided to come with us.”

After all, “We are not talking about aliens, just kids. Our kids.”


MYP at the Mediterranean Cup

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Some students from our Middle Years Programme together with Mr Moll -our PE teacher- have taken part in the traditional football tournament for international schools

After a brilliant debut of our PYP section at the end of November -with our students winning three out of five matches and placing at 3rd best-, at the end of april our Middle Years Programme under-14 team celebrated its sixth participation in the Mediterranean Cup.

From 26th to 29th April, Mr Moll’s team competed against representatives from international schools of the Mediterranean area and won second place in the round, one sole point away from the swiss leader in Lausanne and ahead of the Berlin, Rome and Stockholm schools. This enabled us to access the ‘Elite’ round where our team got stopped. This, however, did not stop the organisers from paying a compliment to our students, who were praised for «the enthusiasm of their coach, their fair play and the amazing sportsmanship shown by the players. The group was very young and had a positive impact on the round. Qualifying to the ‘Elite’ round was a massive success!»

The Mediterranean Cup is an annual eight-a-side football competition, which gathers international schools from several different countries.

Our next appointment is for November, with the competitions for our PYP and High school students.


The PYP classes are being split in two

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Talent, self-confidence and awareness: the educational offer at H-International School is child-centred and focuses on the way children make sense of the world

H-International School is splitting the elementary school classes (Primary Years Programme) in two. Next year’s enrolments have been increasing consistently to the point where current classes have reached their maximum number, so that new classes needed opening and more space adding to the school.

If you are interested in your children attending our school, you can visit the school premises and have a meeting with us to find out more information on our educational offer or you can sign your child up straight away.  

The staff at H-IS will provide you with all the necessary information and will support you when transferring from another school.

Discover H-IS!

On Saturday 20th May, at the same time as our event “Innovation in your classroom, due to be held at H-FARM in Via Sile, 6, we will be holding an admission test session for our prospective high school students.

During the event, parents will have the chance to take part in a short mock lesson lead by H-International School teachers. At 11am there will be a lesson for each school section -Early Years Unit, Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and High School.

Sign up to take part at a mock lesson!

Enrolments at H-International School are always open.


DP1 visits the International Center for Climate Governance

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The Diploma Programme 1 visits the Center for Climate Governance

The DP1 class is exploring the conservation of natural and historic heritage, including the State Archives and International Center for Climate Governance, in Venice.

Founded in 2009 by the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, the ICCG is an internationally recognized research center that conducts research on topics related to climate change and related government policies, and is a meeting point for economists, researchers, politicians and leaders of the private sector.

On Wednesday, April 5th, H-International School’s DP1 class has visited the ICCG headquarters and met the researchers and staff who conduct studies, experiencing what it means to work in a “research center on climate.” The students have been accompanied by Ms. Scapolan, professor of Environmental Systems and Societies, and Ms Gietz, Theory of Knowledge teacher. This visit represents an important part of this year’s educational program: this year, the main theme of the interdisciplinary project of natural sciences and humanities is, in fact, the preservation of natural and historical heritage.

Following the visit, the students have also visited the State Archives of Venice for a guided tour of the collections, view several documents concerning international relations of the Republic of Venice and explore some of the hisotrical document digitization projects..


Everybody loves jazz!

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The H-Choir will hold its first concert on Thursday, April 13th in the Hall

Spring has finally arrived…And what better to celebrate than with some music?!

On Thursday, April 13th at 6.30pm, parents, friends and relatives are invited to the Spring Jazz Concert that will take place in The Hall, at H-FARM headquarters.

Three different choirs made up of PYP and MYP students will take the stage, accompanied by a professional jazz band… Special guest – the H-International School parents’ choir.

The April 13th event will be the first official concert by the H-Choir, who will need all of your support: the goal is to make the Spring concert become an annual event.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Mediterranean Festival 2017!

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A festive lunch characterized by the colors, smells and flavors from all over the world (and from Italy)

Geography is not only mapsand place names, but also culture and traditions. And, of course, cuisine and typical products.

Discovery of the folklore of the countries of the world is the mission of the Mediterranean Festival, which from February 24th, for the second year in a row, will enliven the Olmi location of the H-International School.

From 12.00pm to 14.00pm, one of the classrooms will be transformed into a real food festival, with colorful stands and beautiful dishes. Organized by Mr Moll, geography teacher at H-IS, the Mediterranean Festival is managed by the Middle Year Program 1-2-3: divided into 14 teams, coordinated by the students of year 2, each team was assigned a country by lottery. France, Lebanon, Albania, Greece, and also the Italian regions of Puglia and Liguria, among others. The students then had to design their stand, study traditional recipes and ingredients of their assigned country, create a dish and describe its origins to the judges. Yes, that’s right, the Mediterranean Festival also contains a competition, in which the parents and students can vote for winners in three categories: best stand, best food and best knowledge of the prepared dishes (ingredients, history, little-known facts…).
Whoever is interested in learning more can use the tablets available on each table that shows the preparation of the dish , along with some slides that include little-known facts about the countries. To make the Festival even more lively, the students wore traditional costumers of their countries.

The winners will be announced in a few days…In the meantime, here are some tasty photos!


Digital adventures at the Children’s Carnival in Venice

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For the second year in a row, H-FARM Education’s Labs & Camps will be present at Venice’s Biennale with a special project for young students

Telling a story pixel by pixel and visually giving it form by using a simple programming language: the lab designed by H-FARM Education for the Children’s Carnival is called “Creators of digital adventures” and from February 18th to 26th, will open to elementary- and middle-school students.

The workshop will guide students through the steps of creating an animated story, an interactive digital cartoon in which they will imaginatively create using Scratch, the programming language designed for young and unexperienced users, and Makey Makey, which allows users to digitally control objects.

The main goal is to stimulate creativity and inventiveness through coding and the organization of ideas through the construction of a storyboard.

This laboratory allows students to “digitally” explore the theme of this edition of the Children’s Carnival, “The Playroom”, through the use of computers, coding and technology in order to blend together games, words, music and stories in order to create a storyline and give it life.

H-FARM Education’s labs, lasting 2 hours long, will be held in two sessions duringweekday mornings and a single session on Saturday at 11am.

For more information, please contact:

Find out more about labs&camps!